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Updated: June 12, 2017.

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Juneau Audubon Spring Bird Walks 2017


Spring/Summer Audubon Bird Walks

Date/Time Activity/Location Tide Info Leader/s

Sat. May 6

8am to 11 am (drop by anytime)

International Migratory Bird Day Celebration - Bird Banding/Juneau Community Garden

Lo 2.17’ @ 5:07a

Hi 13.99’ @ 11:14a

Gwen Baluss

Sat. May 13


(Boards at 8:15am)

Berners Cruise

1 boat, 1 trip

Lo -1.08’ @ 9:23a

Hi 14.46’ @ 3:51p

Brenda Wright

Patty Rose

Ernestine Hayes

Bev Agler

Sat. May 20


Eagle Beach

Lo 4.57’ @ 3:07a

Hi 12.49 @ 9a

Mark Schwan

Sat. May 27


Sheep Creek

Lo -4.86 @ 9a

Hi 16.98’ @ 3:30p

Brenda Wright

Sat. June 3


Sandy Beach / Treadwell

Lo 3.13’ @ 3:36a

Hi 12.54’ @ 9:41a

Gus vanVliet

Sat. June 10


Moose Lake Dredge Lakes

Park at the parking lot next to the bridge over the Mendenhall River on Back Loop

Lo -1.45’ @ 8:31a

Hi 14.56’ @ 3:03p

Jeff Sauer

Sat. June 17


Pt. Bridget

Lo 4.36’ @ 1:14a

Hi 12.68’ @ 7:02a

Gus van Vliet


For information on ALASKAN BIRD FESTIVALS visit:


Bird Festivals Throughout Alaska 2017


Alaska Bird Festivals 2017



November 12, 2016 till April 7, 2017

Check out the web page for more information and how to start  Data is especially scarce for Southeast Alaska, so please consider adding to our knowledge about our winter bird populations.

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The mission of Juneau Audubon Society:

"To conserve the natural ecosystems of Southeast Alaska, focusing on birds, other wildlife and their habitats for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future generations"


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