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Winter Bird Observations

Juneau, Alaska

2006 - 2007


This report on migratory birds and other birds of note observed in Juneau during Winter, 2006 - 2007 was prepared by Gus vanVliet.



The Winter period extends from December 1 through February 28.



RA = Robert Armstrong
DR = Deb Rudis
JS = Jeff Sauer
MS = Mark Schwan
PS = Paul Suchanek

TS = Tony Strong

KT = Kim Titus
GV = Gus van Vliet



Winter 2006 - 2007 Juneau Bird Report

(1 December 2006 through 28 February 2007)

Probably due to the deep snow and biting cold of November, the number and variety of birds in Juneau during this winter season appeared to be substantially reduced; as a result, very few late-lingerers or accidental “shockers” were reported.  However, noteworthy by their ubiquitous presence were Common Redpolls, with the occasional Hoary Redpoll mixed in.   Redpoll flocks were widespread and common – it was definitely one of their best winters in some time.  On the other hand, both Red Crossbills and Pine Siskins were almost totally absent.

 Wood Duck:  the pair from fall was seen multiple times through 26 February in the lower Mendenhall Valley (RA, PS).

 Eurasian Wigeon:  (2) males on 19 February (PS) presumably overwintered with a flock of 150 to 200 American Wigeons at Mendenhall Wetlands. 

 Black Scoter:  (39) seen at Pt. Louisa (Auke Bay) on 12 February (GV), an unusual high count for the Juneau region.

 Sharp-shinned Hawk:  at least (6) different over-wintering birds noted in the Juneau area, often associated with redpolls at feeders – one of the best winters for this species in Juneau.

 Gyrfalcon:  a bird that appeared to be the same one as last year’s record, using the very same perch, was sighted at N. Douglas in mid-February (TS, JS, PS) and continued to be seen into early March.

 Northern Hawk Owl:  (1) at Eaglecrest Ski Area on Douglas I. on 2 December,  a  rare Juneau sighting (DR, KT).

 Northern Pygmy Owl:  about (5) were tallied this winter – an average number.

 Short-eared Owl:  (1) on 16 December (Juneau CBC) at Mendenhall Wetlands.

 Northern Flicker:  (1) seen throughout the winter at a Douglas Island feeder (PS).

 Starling:  Juneau’s single remaining flock of (13) birds along the downtown waterfront were seen throughout the winter (GV).

 Red-winged Blackbird:  a flock of (5) birds at Lemon Creek through mid-January (GV).


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