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Summer Bird Nesting Season Observations

Juneau, Alaska



This report on migratory birds and other birds of note observed in Juneau during the 2006 nesting season was prepared by Gus van Vliet.



The breeding season extends from June 1 through July 31.

Note to readers: All known sightings of birds that are occasional, or rarer than occasional, on the Juneau checklist for the summer season have been noted here. All sightings of birds that are very rare or accidental for the summer season are in bold type.


BA = Bev Agler

MA = Mark Anderson

RA = Robert Armstrong

GB = Gwen Baluss

MB = Matt Brooks

ND = Nat Drumheller

RG = Richard Gordon

MCH = Mary Clare Harris

KH = Karla Hart

DM = Deanna MacPhail

MM = Mary McCafferty

PR = Patty Rose

DR = Deborah Rudis

MS = Mark Schwan

AS = Andy Smoker

PS = Paul Suchanek

GV = Gus van Vliet

SZ = Steve Zimmerman










Trumpeter Swan: (2) late adults on 10 June at Mendenhall Wetlands (GV).

Greater White-fronted Goose: (1) lingering on 7 June at Mendenhall Wetlands (GV).

Redhead: (1) late migrant on 4 June at Mendenhall Wetlands (GV).

White-tailed Ptarmigan: (1) adult on a nest and several other nearby adults on 22 June at 3000’ elevation above Lemon Creek (ND, photos) and (2) on 1 July near Granite Basin/Mt. Juneau (MB).

Hudsonian Godwit: (16) on 14 and 16 July at Mendenhall Wetlands (ND, MS).

Upland Sandpiper: (2) together on 29 July at ~2500’ elevation of Gold Ridge/Mt. Roberts (GV) – another rare record of this species occurring in the alpine of the northern Coast Range during its fall migration.

Lesser Yellowleg: (1) adult on 18 June at Mendenhall Wetlands (GV) – the first fall migrant shorebird in Juneau, three days before the summer solstice!

Stilt Sandpiper: (1) adult on 16 July at Mendenhall Wetlands (GV, MS, PS, ND et al) – perhaps the earliest record for SE Alaska?

Sanderling: (1) on 23 July at Eagle Beach (GV) – always a rare migrant in Juneau.

Wilson’s Phalarope: (1 pair) on 7 June at Mendenhall Wetlands (GV).

Lesser Black-backed Gull: (1) adult on 22 July at Mendenhall Wetlands (MS photo).

Caspian Tern: (2) on 12 June (PS) and (3) on 2 July (MB) at Pt. Bridget; (8) on 17 June (PS) at

Mendenhall Wetlands, building to a maximum of (20) on 29 June (MS), with (2) persisting through 17 July (GV; (4) on 18 June directly above the Mendenhall Glacier (MB).

Ancient Murrelet: (1) on 7 July on Stephen’s Passage off Douglas Is. (MA, AS).

Northern Pygmy Owl: (1) calling on 5 July at 26 Mile (GV).

Common Nighthawk: (1) calling on 23 June above upper Mendenhall Valley (DR).

Downy Woodpecker (glacialis subspecies): (1) male on 18 July at Mendenhall Wetlands (GV, MM), a very rare summer record for Juneau.

Northern Flicker (yellow-shafted form): (1) on 22 July at 33 Mile (GV) – an early migrant or a rare summer visitant for Juneau?

Red-eyed Vireo: (1) on 20 and 22 June at or near Mendenhall Glacier Forelands (MB, GB, MS, DM, SZ, GV, PR photo, TS, KH, et al) – only the 4th record for Juneau.

Cedar Waxwing; (1) on 6 June on Douglas Is. (PR) was the first arrival to Juneau; (4) flew by on 22 June in the alpine at ~3000’ elevation above Lemon Creek (ND); (1) on 14 July near Mendenhall Glacier Forelands (GB, ND).

Tennessee Warbler: (1) male singing on 12 July in downtown Juneau (GV) and (1) male singing on 16 July at Mendenhall Wetlands (GV, ND).

Pine Grosbeak: (1) female on 15 July near the tideline at Auke Bay (GV) – a rare summer record for Juneau lowlands.

Gray-crowned Rosy Finch: (2) juveniles together at the edge of a snowfield on 29 July in the alpine of Gold Ridge (Mt. Roberts area) (GV, RG) and (8) adults observed on 1 July near Granite Basin/Mt. Juneau (MB).

Chipping Sparrow: (1) singing male on 26-30 June at 1800’ elevation at Brassiere Hills near Taku Intlet (ND) and (1) juvenile on 29 July at 1800’ elevation near Mt. Roberts Tram (GV) – additional rare records of presumed low-density breeding in the subalpine of the Coast Range of northern SE Alaska.

Golden-crowned Sparrow: (1) male singing on 22 June at 3000’ elevation near Ptarmigan Ridge above Lemon Creek (ND); (2) on 1 July at ~1500’ elevation in Granite Basin (MB); and (2) on 8 July (MS et al) and (1) on 29 July (GV) at ~2000’ elevation in the subalpine of Mt. Roberts – the strongest evidence to date of this species’ occurrence at the southern end of its breeding distribution along the western slope of the Coast Range.



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