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Fall Bird Migration Observations

Juneau, Alaska



This report on migratory birds and other birds of note observed in Juneau during Fall, 2006 was prepared by Gus VanVliet.



The Fall migration period extends from August 1 through November 30.

Note:  To readers. All known sightings of birds that are occasional, or rarer than occasional, on the Juneau checklist--for the summer/fall seasons that correspond to the ABA Fall Migration season (August – November) have been noted here.  All sightings of birds that are rare, or very rare for the appropriate seasons are in bold type.


BA = Bev Agler

MA = Mark Anderson

RA = Robert Armstrong

GB = Gwen Baluss

LB = Liz Blecker

MB = Matt Brooks

AD = Al DeMartini

RG = Rich Gordon

AD = Al DeMartini

DM = Deanna MacPhail

BP = Beth Peluso

PR = Patty Rose

MS = Mark Schwan

PS = Paul Suchanek

SZ = Steve Zimmerman

GV = Gus van Vliet


Wood Duck: (1) male on 29 September at Mendenhall Glacier Forelands (DM) – the presumed same male was found later with a female in the lower Mendenhall Valley in early November (RA, photo 11-20-06).

Pied-billed Grebe: (1) on 28 September – 24 October at Twin Lakes (GV et al.), (1) on 5-7 October at Mendenhall Glacier Forelands (DM, PS), and (1) on 12 October at Pt. Bridget (MS, PS).

American Kestrel: (1) late-lingerer (perhaps the same individual that has over-wintered in recent years?) on 16 November at Mendenhall Wetlands (GV, photo).

Peregrine (tundrius subspecies): (1) adult on 27 August at Mendenhall Wetlands (GV).

Gyrfalcon: (1) dark-morph on 21 September at Mendenhall Glacier Forelands (MB).

American Coot: Present from late-September thru 3 November at Twin Lakes (m. obs.), with peak count of 8 on 25 October (PS).

Pacific Golden Plover: (1) on 5 September at Mendenhall Wetlands (MS photo, GV).

Upland Sandpiper: (1) on 18 - 30 August at Mendenhall Wetlands (GV).

Hudsonian Godwit: (1) female adult on 6 Agust at Eagle Beach (GV) and (16) on 13 August at Mendenhall Wetlands (MS).

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper: (1) juvenile on 4 September at Mendenhall Wetlands (m. obs, MS photo).Photo by Mark Schwan

Stilt Sandpiper: only (1) juvenile seen this fall, on 3 September at Mendenhall Wetlands (GV, et al.) – the lowest total in quite a few years.

Ruff: (2) immature females on 27 August – 10 September at Mendenhall Wetlands (RG, MS photo, et al.), a very rare record for the Juneau region. One of the birds re-appeared for one day on 22 September (GV).Photo by Mark Schwan

Ring-billed Gull: (1) adult on 7-8 October at Mendenhall Wetlands (PS, BA, GV, MA).

Lesser Black-backed Gull: (1) adult on 6 August (ND) and 17-18 September at Mendenhall Wetlands (GV, RG, BP).

Northern Pygmy Owl: (1) on September 2 at N. Douglas (PR), (1) on October 1 at S. Douglas (PR), (1) on 7 October at Brotherhood Park (PS, BA), (1) on 7 October near the airport (PR), (1) on 15 October up Thunder Mountain (PS), and (1) at Auke Bay on a number of occasions in late November (GV).

Barred Owl: (1) calling on 25 September at Eagle Beach (GB).

Common Nighthawk: (1) on 29 August at Mendenhall Wetlands (GV, PR), (3) at the same time on 12 September over the Mendenhall Valley (GV), and (1) on 15 September at Mendenhall Wetlands (GV).

Vaux’s Swift: a flock of (40) on 3 September flying above Eagle Beach (GV).

Northern Flicker: (1) female red-shafted at North Douglas feeder 20 October through the end of November (PS).

Western Wood-Pewee: (1) late migrant observed on 5 October at Point Bridget (PS).

Say’s Phoebe: (1) juvenile on 2 September at Auke Bay (GV, photo).

Mountain Bluebird: (1) late migrant on 17 November at Salmon Creek (LB).

Swainson’s Thrush: (1) late-lingerer on 22 October at Lemon Creek (PS) – a one-legged bird.

Northern Mockingbird: (1) on 6 August at Auke Bay (GV), perhaps Alaska’s 16th record.

European Starling: (9) in West Juneau on November 4 (PR) – perhaps the last ones in Juneau.  The species is almost extinct in the Juneau region.

Cedar Waxwing: (12) on 15 August near Mendenhall Wetlands (GV).

Common Yellowthroat: (1) late-lingerer on 28 October at Boy Scout Camp (Eagle Beach) (BA) and another (1) on 29 October at Pt. Bridget (PS).

Wilson’s Warbler: (1) late-lingerer on 2 November at Auke Bay (GV).

Clay-colored Sparrow: (1) immature on 14-18 September at Auke Bay feeder (GV photo, et al.) – Alaska’s 8th record.

White-throated Sparrow: (1) white-morph on 13 – 17 October at Auke Bay feeder (GV).

Rustic Bunting: (1) HY on 27 October at the Boy Scout Camp (Eagle Beach) (PS, photo; GB, RJG, MS, LB) – first record for Juneau, and 2nd record for SE Alaska. Miraculously, another(!) bird arrived at a N. Douglas feeder on 29 October and remained through 2 November (PS, photo; BA, et al.).

Photo by Paul Suchanek

Brown-headed Cowbird: (1) juvenile on 20 August at Eagle Beach (GV, AD) and (1) juvenile on 30 August at Admiralty Creek, Admiralty Island (Larry Musarra, photo).

White-winged Crossbills: fairly common fall migrant this year – quite a number of flocks of 20-50 reported during October, but few Red Crossbills.

Common Redpolls: a quite common fall migrant this year – numerous small flocks of 15-50 reported late-October through November, with occasional flocks of 250-500 (PS).  No birds appeared to stop at feeders.

Evening Grosbeak: (1) imm./female on 15 September at Mendenhall Glacier Forelands (MB).


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