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Updated: January 08, 2018.

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Every membership supports Audubon’s vital efforts to protect birds, wildlife, and natural habitats. As a national Audubon member, you will become an important part of the Juneau chapter and receive Audubon magazine and The Raven newsletter.  Thank you for joining us!

National Audubon Society Membership (includes automatic membership in your local chapter, which is JAS if your zip is anywhere in Southeast Alaska).  

Memberships begin at $20/year.


Use the online form to join at

 Current members can renew online at

 or by emailing

  Call National Audubon to renew by phone at 1-844-428-3826

 Locate the latest renewal notice from Audubon in the mail, or the form in Audubon Magazine and return that using the envelope provided

 US Postal Service: Send your name, address, email and payment check made out to National Audubon Society to: Juneau Audubon Society, Membership Chair, PO Box 21725, Juneau, AK 99802. The Membership Chair after recording the information for our mailing list, will then send your check to the proper National Audubon Office.

Join the Juneau Audubon Society

If you prefer to support Juneau Audubon Society only: Please send name, address, and email with a check for $10 (1-year membership) made out to Juneau Audubon Society to the USPS address above.

You will receive a one year subscription to The Raven.  The Raven is a publication of the Juneau Audubon Society.  The Raven is published 9 time a year between September and May.

Please consider getting The Raven by e-mail instead of snail mail to save paper, time, and money and view photos in color. Send notification with renewal or email memo to:

Receive too much mail from the National Audubon Society? Ask to be taken off the mass mailing list by emailing Customer Service  (Opting out of extra mailings will not stop magazine subscription.)

JAS does not send members any offers, action alerts or share our membership addresses with anyone.

Local or national membership does not include support for Audubon Alaska state group. We encourage members to support that group as well. See

The mission of Juneau Audubon Society:

"To conserve the natural ecosystems of Southeast Alaska, focusing on birds, other wildlife and their habitats for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future generations"


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