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Christmas Bird Count Archive

Juneau, Alaska



2015 Juneau Christmas Bird Count

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

View 2015 CBC Results: Click Here

We had 40 people in the field and a small group of people at home watching feeders. We had a boating party, which is unusual for us, but the weather out toward Portland Island was so bad that the party had to abort and come home, with some effort directed closer to home in the bay where birds were a bit concentrated in sheltered areas.

We found 54 species on count day, and had an additional 19 species found during the count week. Nineteen species is likely the most we have ever added during a count week, and this is because we missed so many birds on the count day but the weather improved markedly over the next few days, and birders found many additional species. The 54 species on count day was a substantially below average number, and the number of individual birds counted, 5,982 was way below average and the lowest count since 1980. We also had no record high counts, or all-time low counts for the 23 species we have seen every year (all previous 42 counts). However, we had below average, and quite low counts for many species.


Surf Scoters Photo by Bob Armstrong

After all the amazing bird activity in Auke Bay this fall, there were still seemingly a good number of fish-eating species around, with above average numbers for Pacific Loon, Common Merganser, and Common Murre tallied on count day. If conditions had been better, it would have been interesting to see what the counts on these species would have been. But, most waterfowl counts were down, except for Barrow's Goldeneye, the Corvid counts were all down but gull numbers were reasonable. Again, most of the low numbers were likely due to viewing conditions and birds taking shelter and hunkering down . . .

Regarding surprises or rarities, we did have a few species show up either during the count week or on count day that have only been seen a few times, and one species never seen before on our count. For example, a Spotted Towhee was present, a true vagrant species, but it has actually been seen on four prior counts; pretty amazing given it is quite a rare bird in Alaska, anytime, anywhere. On the flip side, a Red-breasted Sapsucker was seen during count week. There are a few local winter records but this was the first time we found one during a count week. We also had two Long-billed Dowitchers and a Yellow-rumped Warbler on count day, and a Redhead and Double-crested Cormorant during the count week. All of these species have been recorded only one or two times previously on our count.


Surf Scoters Photo by Bob Armstrong

Juneau Empire article on CBC: click here

Juneau’s 2014-2015 Christmas Bird Count

by Mark Schwan   2014 CBC Results


The Juneau Christmas Bird Count for 2014 was held on December 14. We had mild weather with virtually no snow cover but standing fresh waters were mostly frozen. Thirty field observers and several feeder watchers found 71 species and 7,199 individual birds on count day, plus an additional eight species were located during the other days of our count week (see attached table).  Our total count of individual birds was the lowest in nearly 30 years, which included an all-time low count for Surf Scoter.  Other water species were in low numbers and the Glaucous-winged Gull count was likely affected by the fact that the count was held on a Sunday, and the landfill was not operating. Gull, eagle and raven numbers in the immediate Lemon Creek area were lower than usual.

The biggest highlight of the count day was the Long-eared Owl found by Deanna and Brian MacPhail on the west side of the Mendenhall River near the end of Industrial Blvd.  This species had never been seen on a Christmas Bird Count anywhere in Alaska.  Other highlights included a Harlan’s Red-tailed Hawk and American Kestrel, both birds that have continued to linger in our area.  Several Anna’s Hummingbirds have been frequenting local feeders this fall but only one was seen on count day.  A very late Orange-crowned Warbler seen several times along the airport dike trail prior to the count day, ended up being a count week species.

Again, the bird tally and potluck were held after the count at the home of Debi Ballam and Mark Schwan.  As always, it was a great way to end the day.  Thanks to all who participated

Juneau and Southeast Christmas Counts summarized by the Capital City Weekly.  Click here.


2014 CBC Results

2013 Juneau Christmas Bird Count

The Juneau Christmas Bird Count for 2013 was held on Saturday, January 4, 2014.  The designated count period runs from December 14th through January 5th.  This marks the 114th year of the CBC, with counts planned across the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Latin America.  Here in Juneau, this was our 41th count.  History of the Christmas Bird Count

2013 Juneau Xmas Bird Count Report 












American Tree Sparrow  -- Mark Schwan

2012 Christmas Bird Count --  By Mark Schwan

The Juneau Christmas Bird Count for 2012 was held on December 15. We again lucked out on the weather, as the prior day was absolutely miserable, but then conditions improved markedly for count day. Leading up to the count, we didn’t expect a great diversity of birds, as wintery conditions for some time had pushed many lingering birds to the south.

Twenty eight field observers found 66 species and 12,183 individual birds on count day, plus an additional ten species were located during the other days of our count week (see attached table). Our total count of individual birds was above average but this was the case only because of a record smashing number of mallards; many species were seen in low numbers. All the common species that have been seen on the previous 39 counts were found once again. The biggest highlights of the count day included a Snowy Owl on the wetlands found by Nick Hajdukovich and Amy Clark Courtney, and the Sooty Grouse found by Julie Coghill near the Treadwell Ditch on Douglas Island. Other highlights included the continued presence of the Swamp Sparrow near Temsco Helicopters, and a terrific variety of waterfowl on the wetlands and the lower Mendenhall River.

Again, we had the bird tally and potluck at our house at the end of the day; it was a very nice evening. Thanks to all who participated.

For more information or if you have questions, call Mark Schwan, at 789- 9841.

See the January, 2013 edition of the Raven for the results of the Juneau Christmas Bird count and other communities in southeast Alaska.  Click here.

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The results of the 2002 Juneau Christmas Bird Count (CBC) and all previous years are available at the National Audubon Society web site. The 2004 Juneau CBC was held on Sunday, December 18, 2004.

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